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Oxygen Products (Pty) Ltd believes that there is a direct link between Oxygen and Vitality and by using Super Oxygen™, you can experience the results while exercising or while using it for pure health reasons.

There are several benefits to oxygen therapy. It can relieve headaches because it increases blood flow to the brain. This will result in better clarity and also better concentration and improved memory. More oxygen will increase a person’s productivity because it will give a person the energy it needs to to get the work done. Another benefit will be that it will give a person an improved immune system that will aid the body to heal and repair itself. At the same time, more oxygen will detoxify the blood and strengthen the cells. Large amounts of Oxygen aids in helping to fight infections and remove toxins in the body from the liver, colon, blood and brains and which enables the body to flourish. Super Oxygen™ will not only allow the body to “heal” itself by ridding it of toxins, but also ensure softening stools for easier and better elimination. Super Oxygen™ will ensure to get it all out plus there will be no loss of electrolytes. With high oxygen levels in the body, no bacteria, fungi or virus can live…this means less illness.

More oxygen can prevent heart failure and less asthma attacks and allows the sugars in the body to be turned into energy. More oxygen can be a huge improvement in the lives of millions of people because it will promote healing with fewer amputations because of Diabetes, or suffering from neurological conditions such as brain damage caused by stroke. More oxygen to the brain can help it recover from damage and function better. Most chronic pain and diseases are due to a lack of oxygen. If there is not enough oxygen coming into the body, fluids can become toxic. Super Oxygen™ also helps heal patient wounds that have not been able to heal by themselves.

Stories are everything:  suffering, triumph and surviving. Stubborn wounds that would not heal gets complete healing, Alzheimer victims getting their speech impairment corrected, children with autism expand their vocabulary. Cancer patients in late stage cancer, gets relieve from pain and don’t have to use morphine while those with sleep disorders also benefits from using Super Oxygen™. This is what quality of life is all about.

Oxygen levels can also be measured with an oximeter. A sensor is placed on the finger which can measure the amount of oxygen in the body.

Oxygen Products (Pty) Ltd has also introduced a product as a Sport Supplement. Exercise is often easier for individuals receiving supplemental oxygen because more oxygen is getting into the muscles. Any activity increases the body’s need for more oxygen. So, we exercise with more oxygen and experience amazing results! (EWOT.co.za – exercise with oxygen therapy). Additional oxygen can mean the difference between being benched and playing in the game. Not only will Super Oxygen™ enhance better performance, but also assist with endurance and recuperation. This extra oxygen will also remove muscle pains, because it can remove lactic acid from the muscles. This product is not limited to all of this, but will also ensure improved sleeping patterns. Just follow the protocol to get maximum benefits.

With sport injuries this therapy can help with the decrease in swelling and also with a speedy recovery. This means that this product will effectively begin to work on the injury. Already, professional rugby players and cyclists are reporting back excellent results from using this product.

What you need is something that increases the blood flow to the tissues, allowing more oxygen to the working muscles. The extra oxygen that is absorbed through the intake of Super Oxygen™ relaxes the smooth muscle cells around the blood vessels and widens the inner walls of the veins increasing oxygen delivery to the muscles.

Exercise can cause the body to quickly exhaust its normal oxygen levels, leading to lactic acid build-up in the muscle tissue, which will bring about uncomfortable levels of fatigue. All you need is to increase your oxygen intake and let this flow to the muscle tissues for a speedy recovery.

With a constant flow of extra oxygen in the body (pre, during and post) you will have your muscles pumped throughout the workout, leaving you with a good feel of achievement.

Oxygen Products (Pty) Ltd is set to take its place to bring you many innovative products that are Vital signs of Life!

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