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Protocol for using Super Oxygen™ - The Active Edition

Number of capsules to be taken:


  • Pre-workout: (30-60mins before start of workout)
    5 Capsules with 500-750ml filtered water.


  • Short workout: (less than 2 hours)
    No additional intake necessary.

  • Medium workout: (+/- 2 hours)
    2 Capsules with 500ml filtered water after 1 hour of exercise.

  • Long workout: (longer than 2 hours)
    2 Capsule with 500ml filtered water after every 1 hour of exercise.

  • Post workout/exercise: (Immediately after exercising)
    At least 5 capsules with 500-750ml filtered water.


Precautionary Notes

1. These are guidelines only and each person may adjust the suggested number of capsules based on size, sex and intensity of the exercise.

2. Ratio of capsules to water intake is very important as the oxygen that is released is dependent on the volume of water consumed. It is advisable to rather take more than less amounts of water with every capsule.

3. The product is only effective when used on an empty stomach. Use 30 -60 minutes before, or three hours after meals. Small snack may be taken before workout – at least 30 minutes after capsules were taken.

4. This product is not recommended for any person that has undergone an organ transplant.

5. Should a person feel feverish or experience headaches after taking any amount of capsules, the water consumption should be increased to flush out the toxins.

6. You may continue with any existing supplements you are currently taking. The use of Super Oxygen™ – The Active Edition should enhance the effectiveness of such supplements.


This Natural Systemic Blood Oxygenator will boost the Immune system and this Therapy also enables the body to heal itself. It will aid in the following diseases – poor blood circulation, Gangrene, Asthma, Allergies, Open wounds, Diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, Cancer, HIV/Aids, Candida, Migraine headaches, Gout, etc. for more info visit http://OxygenTherapySA.com

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